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Experience greater health, happiness, fulfilment, and energy through a holistic approach with nutritious
eating, lifestyle habits and encouraging, supportive coaching

Empowering your wellbeing journey with personalised plans and support

Are you struggling with weight, fatigue, sickness, or mood issues – and ready to commit to your health?

Achieve greater health and zest for life through realistic eating and lifestyle changes – supported by expert advice and coaching.

Tired of taking expensive medications and supplements that have unwanted side effects?

The majority of these medications are an unnecessary band aid, not providing actual healing. Here you will received a tailored plan for detoxing your body and eating wholesome, real food. My flexible programs are designed to fit your lifestyle, optimising your likelihood for success.

Want to work with someone who'll support your wellbeing journey, wherever you're at?

I know what it’s like to feel fat, lethargic and sick with unexplained aches and pains – I’ll educate and empower you to manage your health.

Has your own health suffered while you've put others first?

Many women (and men!) let their own health slip while they focus on others. It’s time to look after yourself!

I have a particular expertise in helping women overcome stress and hormone issues.

Like to manage a health condition without drugs or invasive procedures?

Tap into your body’s wisdom and healing capacity with natural, holistic therapies that restore and rejuvenate.

Start your journey to greater energy, joy, and health today!

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After receiving your enquiry, I'll arrange a time to meet you in person or online. This session is all about getting to know each other and making sure we're a good fit. I'll ask you about your health journey so far, what has and hasn't worked, and what you'd like to see change.


If you're ready to make changes that generate real results, we'll arrange a regular appointment time. Your first appointment involves creating a plan for achieving your goals. I'll ask you more questions so I can tailor it to suit your health needs, lifestyle and desired outcomes.


I'll meet with you regularly over 12 weeks. A minimum 12-week commitment ensures you have the best chance of reaching your goals – and the tools you need to get there. Your program may be modified to suit any health or lifestyle changes. Education is vital to great results, and I'll share videos and websites to foster learning.

How the '12 Week Foundation' program works – Three phases to weight release, renewed energy and rejuvenation

Each phase is individually tailored to your needs and goals.

PHASE 1: (Weeks 1-4) Lifestyle Awareness

● We look at your whole lifestyle: what you breathe, put into your mouth, on your skin and into your mind
● Introducing the 7 principles of health
● Intermittent fasting
● Plant-based diet
● Majority fruit and fresh, raw foods
● How to prepare for and start a detox
● Gentle approach to digestive and colon cleansing

PHASE 2: (Weeks 5-8) Cleanse and Detoxify

● Colon cleanse
● Fasting – raw, juice or water
● Specific cleanses and protocols
● Emotional release – no matter how minor, disease does not manifest without emotional blockages or traumas present

PHASE 3: (Weeks 9-12) Permanent Change

● Breaking the fast correctly
● Rebuilding and integration
● Re-establishing diet and lifestyle
● Solidifying new lifestyle
● 8th principle of health


I also offer one-off consultations and treatments, including:


● Iridology/sclerology
● Emotional release – access consciousness, breathwork and emotional clearing
● Sauna

Ready to take back control of your health?

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Why Choose Plantiful Health Nutritionist and Naturopath Sunshine Coast?

Here’s why people seeking greater health, vitality, and joy turn to Plantiful Health


There's no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to health. What works for someone else may not suit you. I'll
explain the pros and cons of different approaches and tailor a strategy to suit your needs, lifestyle and health goals. If
you follow your plan and don't see the results expected, we'll update your program accordingly.

Live with joy and energy

When we're unbalanced, emotional and over-stressed, our health suffers, and we lose the joyfulness from our lives.
Using food and lifestyle choices as medicine has a powerful impact on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Whether you have a serious health condition or simply want more energy, you'll get results.


I understand what it's like to be obese, unhealthy, and sick! I've worked shifts and incredibly stressful jobs. I know how hard it is to sift through misinformation and find solutions that work. My background and personal experiences mean I 'get' where my clients are coming from. This helps me coach with empathy and sensitivity.

Education and empowerment

Understanding more about your health is key to lasting results. My programs are all about empowering you and helping you gain confidence to take control of your wellbeing and be your own doctor. I'll teach you all you need to know to achieve your desired outcomes in easy-to-understand terms. You will learn where to go for support and advice
when you need it, and most importantly, that you have choices.


One of the greatest obstacles to achieving their health goals many people report is accountability. We're often great
at showing up for others, but not so good at showing up for ourselves. As your partner on the wellbeing journey, I'm
deeply invested in your success. If you're tempted to give up or take shortcuts, I'll explore this with you and suggest
practical ways for dealing with it. And if you have a relapse (let's face it, we all do!), I'll be there to help you get back
on track.


I hold Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine and am a member of
the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. I have almost a decade of experience in coaching people through minor and major health challenges with great success. I have a particular interest in helping peri-menopausal and
menopausal women with hormonal imbalance and mood issues.

Don't risk waiting to put your health first!

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