4 Fab Foods For Your Immune System

When it comes to boosting your immune system, you really can’t go past real foods.  Here are 4 of my favourites!


Packed with key vitamins and minerals and plant compounds, beets are known for their antioxidant superpowers.  They have healing properties that provide spectacular assistant to the human body.  Beets help repair red blood cells further increasing the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. Beets contain naturally high levels of nitrates, which your digestive system converts to nitric oxide and this valuable compound relaxes and dilates (widens) blood vessels allowing increased blood flow to muscles as well as your heart reducing blood pressure when necessary.  Furthermore, Beets are a brilliant source of fibre, keeping your digestive system flowing by promoting healthy bacteria and acting as a broom to your intestinal tract.  

Beetroot is one of the most vibrant coloured vegetables of all and that brilliant red colour is due to betalain which is the super antioxidant with cancer risk reduction and tumour shrinking power. Betalains are anti-inflammatory and provide detoxification support for your body.  

Beetroot can be eaten raw or cooked.  It gives a vibrant colour and earthy flavour to fresh juices. I love to grate it into salads.   



Oranges are amazing for clearing the lymphatic system. In fact, the entire citrus family of fruits is number 1 for lymphatic clearance. The vitamin C in citrus fruits is known to boost your immune system by encouraging the production and function of immune cells which protect you from invading pathogens. Oranges consist of a load of phytochemicals including carotenoids and flavonoids which provide antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral benefits.   

During the winter months or when you are feeling overloaded, juice 2 oranges into a glass for a super immune boost.  You could even combine oranges and beetroot for a more earthy super immune boosting juice.  


Tomatoes are known as the heart friendly food. Tomatoes relieve inflammation, enhance your immune system, lower your cholesterol levels, and stop your blood from clotting.  The most well-known component of the humble tomato is lycopene which gives it that beautiful deep-red colour. Tomatoes are furthermore made up of vitamin K and calcium which is very good for repairing and strengthening bones. A very versatile fruit, tomatoes can be consumed raw or cooked.  They make a great base for many stews and sauces. Simply toss them into a salad to enrich the flavour and advantage your body or through your juicer for a rich, highly nutritious juice.   

Sesame seeds

With all the talk of viruses and how to recover, you would have heard of the benefit of zinc by now.  Not only are sesame seeds one of the highest food sources of zinc, they also selenium, vitamin E, copper, vitamin B6, and iron. These nutrients make them the perfect support for red blood cells as the nutrients are similar to those found in red blood cells.  So, to knock infections and viruses, colds, coughs, and fevers over fast, introduce sesame seeds to your diet daily.  

Adding a spoonful of sesame seeds to your salad will add a unique element for your taste and health. They taste great in smoothies and tahini is made from sesame seeds and it makes a great addition to many sauces and dressing.   

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Karen Thorley

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