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Plantiful Health’s founder Karen Thorley admits to being health obsessed.


“I love everything about health. If you ask me about it, I won’t shut up! I love educating people about health and sharing plant-based solutions to help others.”


And there’s good reason why Karen is fixated on health. Her own wellness journey started in 2005, when she was working as a police officer.


“I was very unwell, dealing with injuries and other health issues. I was obese, unhealthy and had gut problems that left me rolling on the floor in pain. My GP thought I might have a serious bowel condition,
but I didn’t want to wait around to see what they would find”.


“I saw a future full of colonoscopies and surgeries. I felt fat, sick, and out of control. That was my turning point. I attended a health retreat and have never looked back.”


Karen went on to study nutrition, naturopathy and herbal medicine – spending eight years juggling study, work, family, and running a farm. She knows what it’s like to work shifts and feel overwhelmed.

“It was a big deal changing careers after 17 years as a police officer but I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved.”


Her background and experience mean Karen understands and empathises with her clients. Karen was fortunate enough to spend five years working with an incredible biochemist (who has since retired) before starting her own practice. She moved to the Sunshine Coast in January 2020 for the weather, natural attractions and outdoor lifestyle. When she’s not helping her clients achieve their health goals, Karen loves going to the beach, camping and enjoying all the Sunshine Coast is famous for.


“We’re living in paradise – we don’t need to travel!”


If you’re ready to transform your health with a tailored program that delivers real results with supportive,
empathetic coaching, Karen would love to help you

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Here's what Plantiful Health's clients have to say

I will always be grateful for the coaching I did with Karen in 2018. At the time I suffered from severe reflux that was damaging my oesophagus and bloating that left me feeling uncomfortable and unable to wear my ‘normal’ wardrobe. Karen worked with me to change my diet and lifestyle at a manageable pace, and I can now say that I am symptom free and no longer suffer burning when I eat spicy foods or any foods.

Linda M


Karen’s workshops are nicely formatted and broken up with interesting things and information so that it is easy to maintain concentration. Very knowledgeable.

Sarah H


I first went to Karen with a feeling of bloating and lethargy. I had had a heart attack with resulted in lasting problems with my heart. After our initial consult, Karen started me on a plan of juices, diet and cognitive therapies. After a few months I noticed changes in my skin, nails and my overall energy levels. Today, 18 months on, I am in a better place mentally and physically. I would highly recommend Karen for all your wellness and healthcare needs. She is thorough, caring is highly accredited.

Ruth R


I love how Karen taught me about the hormone balancing products in my home and my life. I think people need to know what these everyday things are doing their health.

Kerrie D


My main concern was how I was coping with menopause, and I was a bit iffy at first but after 10 minutes, my mind was willing to accept what she was teaching me and more. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to do her workshop.

Leanne G


Karen was my health coach for three months. She shared her wealth of knowledge about nutrition, whilst supporting my physical and emotional needs. I felt better within days and by three weeks I felt like a new person. She coached me through my colon cleanse, ready to start juice fasting. I highly recommend Karen as she’s caring, motivating and has inspired me to be my best self.

Janet J


Karen’s workshop really opened my eyes. This is a must for everyone, everywhere.

Linda M


I first met Karen to help me with my thyroid condition. I can honestly say that I am so grateful for all the education I received along my journey to heal my thyroid and I am now much more aware of how my lifestyle and things around me affect my health.

Tabatha S


Karen’s passion is evident when she presents. This workshop was well presented and was very valuable in helping to educate me further on what I can do to improve my health and, in particular my adrenal health which is my main concern at the moment.

Jane B


Karen gives an enlightening and informative discourse that raises some vital issues on toxicity in our lives and ways to avoid / minimise their adverse effects.

Peter E


Karen’s workshops are a great introduction for people wanting to improve their health. I need support for my endocrine system and look forward to working with Karen on this journey. The workshop has given me a lot of food for thought already.

Jess B


I have a lot to learn, and this workshop was a great start. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for opening my mind to the possibility that I can heal.

Donna M


I found the information to be so insightful and also frightening. We need to do what we can to reduce our exposure to toxins and this presentation has ben me lots of great ideas. Absolutely everyone in the community should be hearing this stuff.

Natalie H


Karen provides information that needs to be heard. Small changes that she suggests have the power to create positive change. She has such passion and enthusiasm and gives 150% whenever she is helping anyone.

Phoebe G


I’m totally off insulin! Blood sugars still a bit high but mostly stable. Absolutely loved the video recommendation. Thanks beyond words for your wisdom and encouragement. I can see light at the end of this tunnel. I will tell all who will listen what a legend you are.

Nicky V


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