The importance of Passion

It is easy for me to talk about my passion and I am fortunate because it is also my career.  When it comes to the brilliant capacity of our bodies to heal, I can talk all day. I am really passionate about trusting in nature and allowing and curiously observing without judgement. I am really passionate about using whole foods as medicine and that creating abundance in physical, mental and spiritual health will lead to excellent health and longevity. 


Enough about my passion.  What is your passion?  What lights your fire? And fire is the symbol for passion. Take the word and break it up. You get pass-ion. Passing ions. Creating energy. 

When I’m doing something I love it’s like there’s this electrical energy, this force passion of ions that energise and somehow nourishes my body in a way that keeps it going. I feel this electrical force when I’m talking about health, speaking and teaching and doing what I love. I love articulating simple ways, like taking science and explaining it so that everyone can understand it.  


If you want more energy, find something you are passion about and spend time doing it.   When you experience joy and positive energy, your body begins to regenerate.  People also gravitate towards you.  They feel your joy, your passion and they want to be a part of it.   That’s why so many successful people love what they do, while others simply go to work and begrudge Mondays and love weekends. 

I know a few people who really love numbers, and spreadsheets and details.  They are the best accountants and bookkeepers.  Or maybe they are the best financial auditors.  They love what they do and they are great at it.   Fortunately for me I can utilise their skills to help me with my finances in my business. 


What about the people who love food and become chefs, or run cooking classes or just nourish themselves and their family and friends with tantalising food? You know that ones, where you go to their dinner parties and the food is always amazing, right!


If you are having trouble finding your passion, ask yourself some questions:

What did I love doing as a child?

Over my lifetime, what are the jobs or the things that stood out the most?

Where did I have the greatest connection?

What was I doing when I really loved life?

Was there something I really love doing, but didn’t love doing it for somebody else, and can create it for myself?

In a conversation, if I could talk about anything I wanted, what would it be?

Feed your soul and your health will follow.  Your passion doesn’t need to be your career but it does need to be something you do regularly. 


Karen Thorley
Karen Thorley

Karen Thorley
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